Who am I?

My name is Rosanna Crawford, I was born and raised in Canmore, AB and started cross country skiing by the time I could walk! At the age of 10 I started biathlon and fell in love! Something about the challenge of skiing and shooting really stuck with me and being able to hang out with your friends wasn't too bad either! At 14 I got to compete in my first National Champs and got a taste of what it was like to race on a bigger scale! By 16 I was on the National team and trying to make international teams. In 2008 I competed in my first World Youth and Junior Championships in Ruhpolding, Germany. That was when I got hooked!
I train full time out of Canmore and spend my winters racing all over Canada and Europe. Follow along as I compete and train all around the World!
It is here that I hope to keep you up to date on my training and racing. I would not be able to do what I love without the support of my family and sponsors, so a big shout out to you guys!
Now what is biathlon you might ask. Biathlon combines the physical exertion of cross country skiing and the challenge of rifle marksmanship. Skiing is always skate technique and shooting is either laying down on your stomach (prone) or standing up (standing).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I've moved again!!!

I now have my very own website! http://rosanna.mli.st

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I've moved!

I am no longer writing blogs on this website. But you can still follow along as I train and get ready for Sochi 2014 over on sport cafe!
There you can also find some new Canadian athletes to cheer for!

Happy Trails!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ahoj to Buon giorno!

Well my first World Championships have come to a close. Things started off a little bumpy in the sprint. I missed 3 and didn't qualify for the pursuit. It's been hard to come from having great races before Christmas to not even making pursuits. So I refocused and set my sights on having a good race in the Individual. A race where when I crossed the finish line I am happy with how I skied and shot and the result doesn't matter. I hit 19/20 and ended up 17th! Not only did I have a lot of fun racing but the result came along with it. After the individual we had a day to get ready for our 4X6km relay. Things started off well for me with some fast skiing and 3 spares, which is too much, but I tagged off in 10th about 25 seconds back from the leaders. In the end we were 12th with one penalty loop coming later in the race. One of these days all four of us will be able to pull out a good performance on the same day! 

The start of the women's relay 

Our physio Shane gave us all alter egos! 
Audrey - Galadriel from LOTR
Me - Wonder Woman 
Megan H - Susan from Chronicles of Narnia 
Zina - Merida from Brave 

Nathan - Harry Potter
JP - Elvis Presley 
Scott G - Thor
Scott P - Fergus from Brave 

Our amazing wax team, from L to R 
Rich, Tom, Pavel 

It was pretty awesome having my parents here to cheer me on and get a couple home cooked meals along the way! Brendan also made his way over to Europe and got to Czech in time for our relay. It was great to have him cheering me on!

On Saturday my parents, Brendan and I made our way to Prague to spend two nights and explore a bit. Prague is a super cool city, with so much history and a lot to see. Then Monday we went our separate ways and made our way to Dobbiaco, Italy where we will spend the week. Unfortunately on Saturday night I got a sore throat and am now battling a cold. Hopefully it'll be a quick one and I'll be able to enjoy some amazing skiing around here! 
ps the USA xc team sent out a video challenge, 
here's there video
and our video 

Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 World Championships!

I am now in Czech Republic for my very first World Champs! Yesterday was the mixed relay, where myself, Megan H, JP and Scott P took to the start line. Things went ok, skiing was good for me and ok shooting, we ended up 14th, nothing special but it was nice to get out and get racing again! World cup 5 and 6 in Ruhpolding and Antholz didn't go so well for me. Skiing was way below where I had been before Christmas and shooting in Antholz was also subpar. We stayed in Antholz for 9 days of high altitude training then made our way to Mittenwald, Germany for 4 days of low altitude and some intensity. It was nice to take a break from racing and just get to train, go for beautiful skis in Italy and enjoy some fantastic Italian food! 

After the races on a rest day we went Rodelbahn (extreme sledding). It was a ton of fun!

Getting ready to rip down the hill!

Our Rodelbohn team, I can see what the appeal of luge is now! 
from L to R, Jean, Nathan, Me, Zina (not matching the rest of us!) Megan H, Audrey and JP

On one of my many beautiful skis in Antholz. 

We also went up Platz Wiese one day for a ski at 2000m, it was breath taking and not just from the thin air! 

Audrey and I on a jog in Mittenwald. 


We got quite a bit of fresh snow in Mittenwald that made for some tough training, but it was nice to see things all covered in snow again! 

Today is a day off of racing and the action starts again tomorrow with Men and Women sprint races and pursuit on Sunday. My parents are making the jump across the pond to watch the races and I can't wait to see them! Monday and Tuesday no races then, Wednesday - women's Individual, Thursday - men's Individual, Friday - women's relay, Saturday - men's relay, Sunday men and women's mass start. So it'll be a busy 10 days, I'll try to write something early next week!
Take care
ps for those of you wondering how Brendan is doing heres a little video update from him! http://vimeo.com/58809792

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back at it!

Right now I am in Ruhpolding, Germany getting ready for the next set of World Cups. But to back track a bit I'll fill you in on my races in Pokljuka. The first race was a sprint and everything just came together. I was feeling a bit sluggish in warm up from all the racing so far but knew that how you feel in warmup doesn't always reflect how you'll feel in the race. My first loop was defiantly slow but I cleaned my prone and things started to pick up on the skis. Coming into standing I hit my first three shots and then my foot slipped on the mat and I reset and knocked down the last two! Fly by the penalty loop. As I pass Tom Zidek (our wax tech) out on course he is screaming that I am fighting for a top 10! What the what! I rip around my final loop and cross the line in 11th! After everyone had finished I was 12th! The next day was a pursuit race, I missed one shot every time for 16/20 and was 27th. But the combination of these two races had qualified me for the mass start on Sunday. The mass start is a pretty special race, only the top 30 in the world get to start. I felt pretty lucky to be lining up with the best of the best! As you may have guessed in a mass start everyone starts at the same time and the first person across the line wins. I hung out at the back for my first loop knowing that it would all come down to the range, unfortunately I didn't trust my wind judgment and missed two in my first prone. Leaving the penalty loop I was in 30th or last! The second prone shooting an epic amount of fog had roller into the range and you could barley see the target, girls were missing everywhere. But I came in took my time and hit all five, this time leaving I was 11th! One miss each standing bout and the race was done. I ended up 22nd. 

at the start of the Mass Start 

the lake down in Bled, where we stay when we race in Pokljuka. 

From there we had to pack up and take off for Munich to fly home the next day. This was by far the most racing I had done at the beginning of the season. Including the IBU cup in Idre I had done 11 races in one month. Needless to say I was ready for a break. 
Back home in Canmore Brendan and I spent two marvellous nights at Mt. Engadine lodge up! We got out snow shoeing and Brendan got on skis for the first time since racing in Oslo last February! It was pretty exciting. He is coming along slowly since the 2nd surgery but working really hard to make a comeback. I managed to stay healthy the whole 3 weeks home and just had to deal with a bit of bursitis in my shoulder. But that gave me a chance for some legs only skiing!! Christmas was perfect with the my sister and brother both in Canmore. It got really cold in Canmore for about a week with -25  to -30 weather, making for excellent classic skiing. 

in the meadow with Mt. Engadine lodge in the background. 

Brendan out snow shoeing. 

our track in the snow!

out skiing on one of the -25 days! 

I got to spend lots of time with my favourite girl Moki!

I got to Europe on Monday and today is the women's relay to kick things off. Our order is Me, Zina, Audrey Vaillancourt (starting her first World Cup ever) and Megan H. 
That's all for now!